Cut Out Pass
A pass which ''cuts out'' the player next to you and goes to the player next to them. Use of this pass is most applicable when in a scoring situation rather than in general play.

To commit your defending player to make a touch on you, whilst drawing them in a certain direction.

A dump is where you make a touch and quickly perform a rollball to help give Your Acting Half as much time as possible for the next attack phase.

Fade or Drag
An angled run forwards and towards the wing/sideline in an attempt to drag the defenders sideways and potentially open up gaps on the open side.

The position on the field between the middles and the wings (the second player from the sideline).

The position on the field in the middle of the players (the third player from either side line).

Means in a position forward of the ball for an attacking player and in a position liable to penalty for a defending player.

Open / Long Side
The side of the ball carrier with the most number of players.

Phantom Touch
A defensive player claiming a touch when no touch had in fact been made. A "yes/no" call is also regarded as a Phantom.

When an attacker moves back into an onside position (behind the ball) after passing or making a touch.

Must be performed once a player in possession is touched by the opposition or after a turnover. The rollball is performed by placing the ball on the mark, and either rolling the ball backwards, or stepping forward over it. The ball is picked up by another player on the attacking team (see acting-half).

The Ruck
The ruck is the area between the person performing the Rollball and the acting half.

To ruck the ball means to use three players to take the part of A) roll the ball, B) pick up as acting-half and C) receive the ball from acting-half. A) will then roll the ball, B) will pick up as acting-half and C) will receive the ball. This will continue in this pattern.

Scoop or Scoot
An attacking move following the dump, whereby a player runs from the half position in an attempt to get past the defensive line.

A defensive player who leaves the line and runs up to the attacker quickly to prevent any ground from being made.

Short Side
The side to the ball carrier with the least number of players. Never let your opponents score on the outside of you when you are "Short".

Shut or Kill/Hit/Crash
When the defender inside of you is beaten by the attacker, you run in and make the touch on their player.

To beat (i.e. run past) an opponent by changing direction suddenly.

A player “splits” when they dump and then steps to the side, so that the Acting Half can give the ball back to them to go forward. This is a good way of getting the defence offside when you have no other nearby player running on to the ball, or scoring close to the line when the defence is lacking in agility.

Squeezing is about getting the defenders tighter near the ball to reduce the size of the gaps between individual defenders. Its a type of zone defence used to force attacking players to move the ball to the wings to gain and/or take advantage of an overlap (by which time the defence should have had time to re-position itself).

Stay Out
A reminder to the outside player not to worry about inside-attacking players getting through their inside/long side.

In their rucking, a team may use a "sweep" move where a player runs from one side of the roll-ball to the other. For instance, the left hand link may pass to the left hand middle who dumps and then the winger "sweeps" around to receive the ball on the right hand side of the link and middle. May also be called a "roll" and the player a "roller", however this terminology should be avoided because it confuses people with the roll-ball.

Switch or Cut
An attacking move where the ball player passes to a receiver in the direction that the receiver has come from, as they run angled lines that cross over with the receiver running behind the ball carrier.

Touch is contact on any part of the body between a player in possession of the ball and a defending player. A touch includes contact on the ball, hair or clothing and may be made by a defending player or by the player in possession.

The main scoring point. A Touchdown is scored whenever an attacking player (except the Half), places the ball over his or her team's attacking scoreline.

Touchdown Zone
Is the area bounded by the sideline, scoreline and Touchdown Zone Line.

The position on the field at the side of the field (the player next to the sideline).

The player with the ball passes to the player next to them who runs into the gap between their two defenders at speed. If timed right, the player running into or "hitting" the gap will confuse and commit the two defenders to them. This allows the player who passed the ball to run around, or "wrap" them in the same direction as the ball was passed.


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