Dummy Pass

You use the dummy pass like a sidestep, you can use it to play with the opposition minds and to always leave them guessing what you may do. 

When to Dummy

The dummy pass can be used in all phases when attacking. Whether it be throwing a dummy pass while rucking to give a few extra seconds, or, throwing a dummy near the attacking score line to deceive the defending player into thinking a pass is going to be thrown and hopefully creating a gap.

Key Points to Throwing a Dummy

  • Look at the intended receiver
  • Swing the ball across your whole body
  • Fully extend your arms while holding the ball
  • Hold onto the ball
  • Really sell it to the opposition

Common Errors When Throwing a Dummy

  • Not looking at the receiver
  • Not conducting a full passing motion
  • Letting go of the ball
  • Being too slow once a dummy has been thrown


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