Scooping The Ball

When to Scoop?

Scooping is fairly common, especially when an Acticng Half likes to run with the ball before passing. A scoop is best applied around 10 metres in from your attacking scoreline, when a player can shoot through, past the defensive line and look to pass off the ball to a team mate who should, by this time, be in the touchdown zone. A scoop like this is best applied in the second half of a game, when the defending team are slower in getting back the required 5 metres. A scoop can also be targetted on the slower members of the defensive team.

How to Scoop

Approach paralelle to the ball and place your front foot ahead of the ball and start to bend your knees. Keep your eye on the ball and front hand as a guide and use the back hand to lift the ball. For the one handed scoop, place your front foot near the ball, bend down and use only one hand to pick up the ball.

Key Points to Scooping

  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Postion your feet to ensure a wide base
  • Bend your knees to lower your body closer to the ball
  • Have your hands open and ready to pick up the ball
  • Lift the ball up under control 

Common Errors When Scooping

  • Not looking at the ball and looking at your opposition
  • Having your feet in the wrong place and losing balance
  • Reaching too far for the ball
  • Looking up too early after picking up the ball


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