Side Step

When to Side-Step

Sidestepping is a one on one attacking manoeuvre that can be used all over the pitch. It is best used 10metres out from the score line, so that once the defending player is beaten, the other defensive players don’t have time to cover.

How to Side-Step

  1. As you approach the defender, decide which direction you are aiming to run past them.
  2. Shorten your stride to get your timing and balance right.
  3. Step wide with your outside leg, placing your body weight onto that leg, ready to explode off that foot in an instant.
  4. Shift your body weight to the other side of your body.
  5. Then push off on your outside leg, using your inside leg to keep your balance.
  6. Take advantage of the tackler's imbalance and accelerate past them.

Key Points to Side Stepping

  • Position your opponent at an angle towards the direction of the step
  • Transfer your weight onto the stepping leg
  • Feint towards the stepping side
  • Use your maximum leg drive to change your direction off the stepping leg
  • Accelerate as fast as possible once past the player

Common Errors When Trying to Side Step

  • Trying to side-step to close to your opponent
  • Not decelerating
  • Poor positioning in regards to the defender
  • Insufficient leg thrust
  • Poorly timed weight transfer
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