The Spiral Pass

When to throw a spiral pass

The spiral pass is used frequently at higher grades where high speeds and accuracy of passes are essential for team attack moves. The spiral pass is great for cut out passes, i.e. a Middle passing straight to a Wing thus giving the Winger maximum time to score in a corner.

How to perform a rollball

  1. Position your outside-hand nearer to the rear of the ball and place your inside hand nearer to the front

  2. Ensure your body is balanced with your outside leg forward and body turned towards the receiver

  3. Keep your eyes fixed on the target

  4. Step your Inside leg towards the target

  5. Keep the front end of the ball pointed slightly higher, towards the receiver

  6. Swing the ball across the front of your body with two hands

  7. As you are about to release the ball, rotate your outside hand over the ball to impart the spin

  8. Ensure the speed and the angle of the pass is appropriate to the distance required

  9. Your wrist flexion helps direct the ball backwards towards the receiver

  10. Make your follow through balanced and point your fingers towards the receiver

  11. Once the pass has been made, stop and retreat, so that you are ready to receive the ball again

Key points to the spiral pass

  • Outside hand nearer the rear of the ball
  • Inside hand towards the front of the ball
  • Rotate your upper body and arms in an extended backswinging motion
  • Point the front of the ball, slightly higher and pointing towards the receiver
  • Swing the ball across your the front of your body with two hands on the ball
  • Use your wrists and fingers to impart the spin on the ball
  • The power and the spin come from your outside hand
  • Release the ball as your arms are extending
  • Aim to pass the ball with a flat trajectory, for the ball to hit your team mate between the shoulders and the waist and for your team mate to be running onto the ball

Common errors when performing a spiral pass

  • Having your hands in the incorrect positions on the ball
  • Not imparting enough spin on the ball
  • Small backswing
  • Disjoined swinging action
  • Spinning the ball the wrong way
  • A slow and poor follow through

Spiral Pass Checklist

After practice you should be able to do a:

  • 5m to 10m pass from left to right
  • 10m to 20m pass from left to right (a cut out pass)
  • 5m to 9m pass from right to left
  • 10m to 20m pass from right to left (a cut out pass)


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