Standard Pass

When Is A Standard Pass Used?

  • This pass is used within a few metres of your target player
  • The most versatile of all the passes, this pass can be used in nearly all situations all over the pitch

How To Make A Standard Pass?

Your number one aim is to pass for the player, rather than at the player.
Hold the ball in two hands with your fingers spread across the seam, with your chest facing forward.

Sight your target.
Draw the ball back across one hip, keeping your elbows slightly bent, as you turn your chest away from the target.
Sweep the ball off your hip as you swing your hands through an arc, keeping your elbows close to your body.

Release the ball with a flick of the wrists and fingers.
Follow through with your fingers pointing to the target - chest high in front of the receiver.

Common Pass Technique Faults

  • Not looking at your target
  • Poor direction
  • Being in an unbalanced position


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