Type of Call

Two person call.

How to run a Switch

The player in possession after running in a straight line for a few steps, then swerves or steps in to run across the field at an angle. Once the passing player has moved 2/3s of the way across to the receiver, the receiver then steps or swerves to run a diagonal line perpendicular to the passers line, making sure he/she runs behind the passing player. The passing player then rotates the upper body in the direction of the receiver and passes the ball in front of the receiver. The receiver should then straighten and run through the gap created.

A Switch in action

Key points to the Switch

  • Communicate early the move to the receiver
  • The receiver should run parallel with the passer
  • The passer should run across the field and aim to commit the defender to following him/her across the field
  • The receiver should cut inside when the passer has travelled 2/3s towards him/her
  • When passing, the passer should rotate his/her body in the direction of the receiver to deliver a soft pass
  • Pass the ball to the receiver’s hands

Common errors when performing a Wrap

  • Not communicating early enough
  • The passer not running wide enough
  • The receiver not looking at the ball and dropping it when receiving the pass
  • The passer turning the wrong way, thus hiding the ball from the receiver until the last second – greatly increasing the chances of a drop ball
  • The receiver not straightening after receiving the ball


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