Type of call

Two person call.

How to run a Wrap

The passer/wrapper of the ball passes to his/her team mate and sweeps round behind the team mate/receiver to the other side. The receiver then pops or passes to the outside of the wrapping player.

A Wrap in action

Source: http://www.abrahams.co.nz/touch/

Key points to the Wrap

  • Communicate early the move early to the reciver
  • The runner/wrapper should deliver a quick and accurate pass
  • The receiver of the initial pass should be running straight and angle back in towards the direction of the pass (drawing his opposing player away from the wrapper)
  • The outside support of the wrapper should drift wide and deep (drawing their opposing players wide and creating a hole)
  • The wrapper should run fast around the receiver
  • The initial receiver should pass to the outside of the person wrapping

Common errors when performing a Wrap

  • First pass being too slow
  • Receiver turning around to pass
  • The runner gets too close to the receiver
  • Support not drifting wide
  • Poor timing of second pass
  • Not straightening in attack
  • The wrapper not hitting a hole
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